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The Sun: beginner’s guide to our local star

My first book, The Sun: beginner’s guide to our local star, was published this year in May 2023. The title is a part of the Collins Astronomy series, exploring the history, science and safe observation of our nearest star.


The book is available on Amazon around the world, including:

  • “There is an army of solar observers, both professional and amateur, who study the Sun and if you’d like to join their ranks then Ryan French’s The Sun is a good place to start.” - Astronomy Now

Front cover (side view) of 'The Sun: beginner's guide to our local star' by Dr. Ryan French
  • "You will be left looking at the Sun in a whole new light" ★★★★★ - BBC Sky at Night Magazine

  • "It’s an excellent, light, and portable reference for anyone interested in learning more about the Sun, even if you’ve never thought about our nearest star." "If you’re planning for an eclipse, this is a great book to have in your toolkit to make the most of that cosmic experience." - astrobites

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